Sofa Cleaning

By | March 13, 2013

With everyday use, sofas and sofa sets in your home will gradually become dirty and show the need for some serious cleaning, on the same note – sofas are usually at risk of spills and stains as well. Attempting to clean the sofa on your own i.e. using conventional cleaning methods is highly unadvisable as doing so might actually cause damage to delicate sofa fabrics and finish materials. In order to avoid damage or alteration to the sofa, we can offer customers our professional sofa cleaning service, available in Guildford, as the safer, more effective alternative, and ensure professional standard cleaning results on any type of sofa, regardless of its fabric or material finish.

There are different types of sofas out there, and each one requires a specific cleaning approach which is determined by the type of soiling or staining, and the material or fabric of the sofa. Failing to choose and apply the right cleaning method might become quite a serious problem and even cause damage. When you have us clean your sofa set professionally, we guarantee to yield the best possible cleaning results and cancel out the risk of damage. The sofa cleaning service available in Guildford is carried out by qualified, specially trained cleaning technicians, using professional grade cleaning materials and products.

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  • End of Tenancy Cleaning from £89
  • Domestic Cleaning from £9/h
  • Carpet Cleaning Prices from £26
  • Oven Cleaning Prices from £45
*The prices stated above are effective about Guildford. Minimum charge and terms and conditions apply. Prices quoted over the phone are approximated based on the delivered information.

Our expert cleaners will review and assess the nature and level of soiling and determine the most appropriate and effective way to clean the sofa without causing damage to the material or fabric. Our professional sofa cleaning is sparing, yet highly effective cleaning method which delivers top quality cleaning results. When used on a regular basis, our professional sofa cleaning will prolong the life of material finishes and fabrics, it will also keep colours looking brighter for longer. Our sofa cleaning service is very convenient as the entire cleaning process is performed on site, there will be no need to dissemble or take the furniture pieces to another location which makes the whole cleaning process streamlined and very efficient.

Professional sofa cleaning will take a certain amount of time to yield the best possible cleaning results, so please bear with our cleaning technicians for the time being as we want to give you exceptional cleaning results without risk of damage. Cost wise, our sofa cleaning is comfortably priced and easily accessible by households. The service is available as standalone or in combination with other cleaning options.