Regular Cleaning

By | March 13, 2013

Regular cleaning is hard work, and most people would be happy to have their domestic cleaning requirements handled by qualified professional cleaners. We can provide our customers in Guildford with affordable, efficient regular cleaning which covers a range of different cleaning requirements, without putting a dent in your budget. With us, keeping your home clean and fresh will be easy, affordable and hassle-free.

Our regular cleaning services are cost efficient and very flexible, customers can combine more than one service option into a cleaning service bundle and get more value for their money and better coverage of their cleaning requirements. Many people are quite worried as to whether or not cleaners can yield the required results without risk of damage or excess service costs. We would like to assure our customers that all of our regular cleaners are highly skilled, qualified professionals who have the expertise to handle any type of domestic cleaning request with all due care, precision and efficiency. We train our cleaning teams extensively in the safe and efficient use and application of professional grade cleaning systems and materials, which means no margin for error, or risk of damage to delicate surfaces and materials.

We’ll beat your best price!
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning from £89
  • Domestic Cleaning from £9/h
  • Carpet Cleaning Prices from £26
  • Oven Cleaning Prices from £45
*The prices stated above are effective about Guildford. Minimum charge and terms and conditions apply. Prices quoted over the phone are approximated based on the delivered information.

Cost efficiency of our domestic cleaning solutions is guaranteed for all customers. We keep our regular cleaning services are moderately priced because we have the means and know-how to reduce our service costs without compromise on quality or efficiency. Most of the time, domestic cleaning is carried out in close proximity to our customers and their loved ones, this means we are extra careful with the products and materials we use and apply as we care for their health and wellbeing. We use only nontoxic, industry certified cleaning products and ecofriendly cleaning materials. Our cleaning supplies will evaporate and dissolve without trace or residue shortly after the cleaning has been completed.

Using the right tools for the job means we can also reduce cleaning time, cancel the margin for error and yield better quality cleaning results – which is great news for our customers and their budget. Our regular cleaning is carried out with minimum water and resource waste. The range of domestic cleaning services we offer to customers in Guildford is available for booking all week round, with convenient hours which work around your schedule and commitments. Customers can expect attentive, highly efficient cleaning, and punctual work attitude on behalf of our diligent cleaners.