Mattress Cleaning

By | March 13, 2013

Mattress cleaning may not be the most popular cleaning service around, but many people would be well aware of how important good mattress hygiene really is. When new, a mattress if free of any dust, bacteria, pollen and allergens, in time though, with everyday use, the mattress will begin to accumulate a great deal of bacteria and dust which will eventually become a problem. The mattress is the ideal breeding ground for many bacteria and insects since the inside of it is dark, warm and most of the time humid enough for such organisms to thrive and grow.

Couple this with all the dust, pollen, dead skin cells and body oils and you got yourself a recipe for bad bedroom hygiene and poor indoor air quality. One problem with mattresses is that even though they may seem relatively clean and fresh, the real hygiene problems are on the inside, or just beneath the top layer – the one used for sleeping. Our specialised mattress cleaning service, available to customers in Guildford will deal with the situation effectively and ensure perfect hygiene throughout the depth of the mattress. The mattress cleaning service is carried out using professional grade steam cleaning equipment. In most instances, even when stains are present, our steam cleaning equipment will be able to lift stains without too many issues.

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In certain cases, where staining is stale and stubborn, the cleaners may have to pre-treat the stains in order to ensure swift and easy removal. The mattress cleaning process is completely safe, it will not cause any damage to the mattress itself or any of its characteristics. The steam cleaning process is highly effective for killing off any insects, insect eggs and bacteria from the top layer of the mattress. Since we use the natural cleaning power of steam, you will not be exposed to any toxic chemicals or aggressive cleaning solvents.

Only in cases where staining or soiling is extensive, we may need to apply an ecofriendly cleaning solution in order to pre-treat stains and yield better results in less time. Just as carpets, mattresses also require regular cleaning. Domestic hygiene specialists advise that your mattress should be cleaned professionally at least twice during the year. Generally, the mattress should be dry in a few hours after the cleaning is completed. The service is available to customers in Guildford as standalone or in combination with other cleaning options.