Dry Carpet Cleaning

By | March 13, 2013

Professional dry carpet cleaning is one of our specialised cleaning services we offer to domestic and commercial customers in Guildford. Dry carpet cleaning is a relatively new cleaning method, developed in order to optimise steam carpet cleaning through a reduction of drying time. Dry carpet cleaning is also considered to be a non-aggressive cleaning method as there is less mechanical contact between the carpet fibres and the equipment used to perform the cleaning.

This cleaning method is perfectly suited for both synthetic and natural fibre carpets. If you are not completely sure as to whether or not your carpets require specialised cleaning, consider the following – carpets around the house are subjected to heavy duty, daily use, especially in high traffic areas around the front door, hallways, staircase and living room. With everyday use the carpets will begin to accumulate a great deal of dust, pollen, bacteria, dirt etc. Constant foot traffic on the carpet will drive the dirt and grime further down between the strands, all the way to the base layer. Once this stage has been reached, cleaning the carpets will become absolutely necessary, because the carpet will not only look tired and worn, but it will also be the cause of diminishing indoor air quality, and some unpleasant odours.

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Furthermore, stubborn stains can be a real problem to remove from the carpet, and as one can imagine spills and stains are aplenty at home. If your carpet has sustained certain chemical or organic staining, we recommend using our professional dry carpet cleaning service as the better alternative, as attempting to lift the stain using conventional cleaning methods will likely spread it or drive it deeper inside the carpet. The dry cleaning process will work deep inside the carpet and remove stains and dirt all the way down to the base layer – something that can never be achieved through conventional cleaning.

The dry cleaning is performed by the most professional cleaners in Guildford, the cleaning supplies we use are nontoxic and industry approved. They will dissolve and evaporate without trace or residue shortly after the cleaning has been completed. Most carpets will be dry enough to walk in about forty minutes to an hour, though this depends on the temperature and humidity inside the room. The actual cleaning process consists of machine dry cleaning, application of spray on cleaning solvents, and use of powder cleaner followed by detailed vacuuming.